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About that time I said I could never be Vegan..

I have been revisiting some of my blog pages, just to remind myself what I was on about back then. I commented In September 2013 that I would never be vegan... and until recently I stood that ground quite firmly, however, now I am vegan.

whatdyaknow eh?

I have actually come full circle in all my crazy fad diet attempts to clear my skin.

I'm leaning back in to Alkaline, plant based eating, without all the faf of obsessing about gluten, and sugar.

I just read a book, called How Not to Die, which you can find here and it really convinced me. Maybe I got 'converted'. Wait - oh - thats what I always do! I read a book or an article and it sends me off in a fad diet somewhere. Each time I enthuse to my family about my new amazing diet thats going to cure my skin I can almost hear their eyes rolling in their sockets 'here she goes again' style.

Truth is I have always been diet obsessed. I was anorexic at 18, and just wanted to be t,hin because I thought it would make me h…

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