Saturday, 17 October 2015

Time passes

Where to start?
Time to check in with an update on my progress in the last 4 months.

The journey I started in April 2015 with the candida diet is on going. It has its ups and downs, and I really struggle to stay sugar free. I have had a tough time over the summer, what with holidays, feeding a family, and working part time, the planning and cooking of special food can be a challenge sometimes. There are days when I really get upset with it all and just want to give up and run away. I think that's pretty normal. One element that helps me to keep going is a monthly Skype chat with Sandra Boehner, which I've had going on since June. My handwritten food journal has moved onto an app called My symptoms, which I find brilliant to use, I can chart all my food, symptoms, add my own recipes, and add more details as I wish.

My skincare regime has been easy to maintain, and I have kept regular appointments with Sue, for light treatment. The flushing has really lessened, which is a great relief.  The spots however are proving harder to lose, and while I have had a few clear stages, generally when my diet has been at its most strict and successful, it has become really clear that hormones play a huge role in the appearance of spots. I have taken a lot of journal pictures, and they will get one here some time soon.

In summary, the last 4 months have been something like this:

Successfully transitioning into a phase 3 candida diet. experimenting with different antifungals to tackle the Candida, but feeling frustration at slow progress with my skin.
Attended a Transcendental Meditation (TM) introductory talk, in a bid to find a solution to my stress and anxiety, I don't consider myself excessively stressed these days, but I do need to slow down a bit.

I didn't sign up to a TM course, so I began using Meditation oasis to give myself some guided meditation practice.
After a wonderful holiday in Italy I found myself falling off the diet, and unable to 'restart'. I tried to introduce 1 fast day a week, but totally lost my way with what supplements to take and just started to feel very despondent. I stopped my written diary and switched to using the My Symptoms app, which was good for tracking my eating habits, but not so good for logging my feelings and thoughts.
I introduced Evening primrose oil and flax seed oil, in an effort to balance my moods, as I was still suffering with PMS.

More low feelings, and struggling with the diet. The skincare routine has been the only part that I managed to keep strong, and while I have experienced mixed results, the skincare treatments seem to be strengthening my skin.

I joined a 'kickstart' programme with the Candida Diet Plan, but  did not feel that I had any success with it and so, with Sandra's help I did it again after the official programme had ended, and it was really effective.
 The positives I took from the course were many,and actually not what I had expected.
- I have 2 new great recipe collections from Sandra, which I have been trying out.
- I was able to feel much better and get back on track.
- I have created more structured plans for my diet and that has helped me get clear about what to do for progress.

This has been a much more positive month. Following my kickstart, I had a good clear month with clear skin and less PMS. I enrolled on a 4 week meditation course with my local Buddhist centre, run by Jane Ward, who introduced a few different meditation practices and outlined the Buddhist beliefs. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. In short all has gone well following the kickstart.
I also experienced my first Colonic hydrotherapy session, which was quite a revelation, and I think I will do it again in tandem with a 'colon cleanse' through diet. I was feeling great.
I did miss my light treatments this month, due to diary clashes.
By the end of the month, My diet has slipped somewhat, and I'm back in the cake and chocolate eating camp, much to my dismay.

On with the show then.
Light treatment, skincare regime, Dietary changes. My life is changing so much this year.
Jessie my niece.

meeting old friends.

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