Monday, 19 October 2015

Eating Out

What to do when you eat out? Its a topic covered by most food writers, especially those with restrictive diets. How does one navigate a tempting food and drink menu and make good choices?

This weekend has been a food challenge, after I have managed to turn things around and get back on track, the last thing I want is for a couple of meals out to stop my progress.

Friday night was Date Night with MrV. I love going out together, something we don't do enough. This week I chose a recommended Chinese restaurant. Luckily Rice being the main carbohydrate means avoiding Wheat is easy (admittedly - white rice - but its better than wheat)

We started with drinks, so I indulged and had a Kir royale, it was waaaay too sweet, and felt very bad., but I drank it nonetheless.

We ate ribs and dumplings to start. Main course was Chicken crockpot, with garlic and basil (I figured this would be a nice anti fungal boost) Then seafood with broccoli, and Lotus root with Asparagus on the side. Plain boiled rice and green tea to accompany the meal. I think I was maybe 50% good, but feel sure there were hidden sugars and gluten in there!

I forgot to mention those pesky prawn crackers. I just couldn't resist nibbling a few of those. 

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