Monday, 1 June 2015

Starting the Candida Diet Plan

Stage 2 of the Diet 20th April -3rd May 2015

Following the fast, I have eased myself back into eating the restricted foods that are recommended for stage 2 in Sandra's book. It's amazing how inventive you can get with foods when you have such limitations.

I am still full of enthusiasm for the regime, making it easy for me to deny myself the old favourites, such as fruit, and my favourite GRANOLA. I have given away my beautiful box of home made 'healthy' Granola to my friend Louise, because I know she loves it, and it is just too tempting to have it in the cupboard. David won't eat it, he is a dedicated Shredded Wheat muncher.

I am also encouraged by connecting to Sandra via email, initially I wrote to her because her website was down, and I was desperate for some recipe inspiration, but she has been very helpful and positive, which is a real bonus. Most people think I am a bit crazy and daft to attempt such drastic measures with my diet. Most people don't have a face full of spots and redness on a daily basis.

The changes have made me feel much more energetic and my skin is looking good, less breakouts, and no flushes, mostly because all of my trigger foods have been eliminated. That alone should be giving my body a break.

I even managed to eat out a couple of times, sticking to salads and avoiding any ingredients that are off limits.

SO in Summary, things are going well, I'm managing a totally sugar and carb free couple of weeks, and my skin is looking better. I'm continuing with the light treatment every 2 weeks, and easing myself into to new skincare products from Rosacure. I know I need to do more to 'de-stress' my life, and have started to look into Trancendental Meditation. I have always believed that meditation could benefit me generally, but never taken time to learn. Perhaps now is the time. 

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