Monday, 25 May 2015

Week 3 - Colon Clense

W/C 13 April 2015

When Sue Guild spoke to me last week about supporting gut health, she also mentioned a condition called 'leaky gut' I did some digging about on the internet, and found out more. While I don't suffer from many of the conditions that are characteristic of leaky gut, or Candida, Rosacea is cited as a possible sign of infection. Candida is a naturally occurring yeast, that resides in the gut. If it overgrows and is fed with sugars and yeasts, it can cause problems, and lead to leaky gut syndrome, where it attacks the gut lining, and causes toxins to leak into the bloodstream. The toxins have to go somewhere - and via the skin is not unheard of, others suffer with eczema and Psoriasis.

I got a book about it, called "The Candida Diet Solution", by Sandra Boehner. It arrived while we were away visiting family, and having a wonderful sunny weekend with all the kids. As soon as we had unpacked the car I literally devoured the book, and read with great interest the '4 step' process for kicking the candida out of your body. I really like the way the book is written, it speaks to me and makes sense. A lot of books don't really have a specific purpose behind their detox or healthy eating plan, but this one is really focused and has a reason for the path it advises. I decided there and then that I would do this crazy diet, and give it a go, even after all I had said earlier this year about being more relaxed about strict diets and 'detoxing'. What have I got to lose? I just need to go ahead and do this, my skin is not getting better by its self.

 So after a weekend of indulgence, and catch ups with my cousins and sister, I am now on the straight  and narrow, following Sandra Boehners guide to rid the system of a candida overgrowth, and refresh the body. This week I have made a start by stopping all sugars, including fruit, stopping tea and coffee, all dairy from cows, and anything processed. It has been easier than I anticipated, and I have not suffered any headaches or 'weakness'. My mind is really hard set on giving this a proper go. The trouble I have had with my skin this week has really overwhelmed me, and made me realise that I must do something.

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