Sunday, 3 May 2015

Treatment? Moi?

I have always been very cautious about getting treatment for my skin. I avoid beauty salons and 'facials' like the plague, for fear of a bad reaction.

I have had practitioners recommend I try IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment on my skin. I have had the IPL or 'laser' treatment for hair removal, and it really hurts, so the idea of doing it on my face is frightening, and makes me run for the hills. I have read and heard that it can have a negative effect on sensitive skin, so I'm resolute to avoid it.

A friend recently suggested I visit 'her lady' who is an 'advanced skincare' practitioner, Who treated her rosacea with some success. I wasn't clear from the recomendation what the treatment actually entailed, so I just nodded, thanked her for the information, and filed under 'hmmm - whatever is advanced skincare?' in the back of my mind.

I kept coming back to the idea though, and while my skin is still generally bad, and never improves, I am starting to accept the idea that I might actually need a bit of help. It can't hurt to try something new...

In late March  2015 I contacted Sue, the Advanced Skincare Lady, and after a consultation, where she explained her approach and what she felt she could do for my condition, I felt bold (and rich) enough to take the plunge. It's a commitment, as always with these things, you need to maintain the treatment, or results are not forthcoming.

Since then I have been on something of a roller coaster of cause and effect which has caused me to address my diet and lifestyle, and really start to take a proper holistic look at my health and wellbeing. I like it, although at present it is taking up a lot of my time, but, I tell myself it is all in a good cause.

I have written a diary about the experiences of my treatment and other efforts to address my skin issues, which I intend to commit to the blog just as soon as I find the time.

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