Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Reaction to first light

Week 2 - w/c 6th April 2015

I have started my skincare regime with great enthusiasm. Perhaps too much, because my skin has flared up terribly. its red and burning, and really spotty! I'm not in a massive panic about it, because this has happened before, when I subjected my skin to a change in routine. I rang Sue, who gave me another treatment on the Thursday, to help the skin recover. She recommended alternating the new products with my old regime, to give my face time to adjust.

Now I am using the Rosacure just in the morning, and in the evening, I use Avene cleanser and wash with Neals Yard Frankinsense Hydrating cream. No more Oils, I have dropped those altogether. A recommendation from Sue. I was worried that my skin would become really dry, but it hasn't, its fine.

Sue also gave me a sample last week of some make up called Oxygenetics, apparently its used on patients after laser treatment, to cover the marks and bruising, as well as promote healing, as it contains salicylic acid, an anti inflammatory chemical derived from willow bark.
I found this make up brilliant, it covered my skin problems really well, and stayed put beautifully. I had been having real trouble finding make up product for my skin that would not dry it out or go flaky by lunchtime.

So I have invested in a bottle of the Oxygenetics. its pricey, but with my face looking like it does right now, I can justify it!

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