Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Into the Light - Starting the red and blue treatment.

Week 1. w/c 30th March 2015

My first treatment was a Lira Light facial.
I had my skin cleansed and some product put on it, and was then put under the light for 20 minutes. I had to wear goggles and keep my eye closed. It wasn't hot at all, just very quiet and still, while the practitioner left the room for a bit.

Initially my skin became a bit red but it faded really fast. 

I have also got new skincare products to start using. Rosacure facial wash and cream. Sue, the practitioner also started to talk about gut and digestive health, stating that a lot of her clients find benefits in taking L-Glutamine, and amino acid, and Probiotics.

so there will be some big changes for my skin now, I hope.

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