Monday, 25 May 2015


18-19th April 2015

The real kick starter to the Candida Diet I'm now dedicated to, is a fast, not just a vague '500 calories' fast, but a serious fast where you eat as little as possible from a very limited choice of foods, for 48 hours. I have prepared a Bone broth and Sandra's ginger tea to drink, and stocked up on herbal teas, avocados, brown rice, cucumber, celery and Houmus. 

Day 1 of the fast was a Saturday, so being busy with Saturday things (Ballet class, housework, laundry etc.) made it quite easy to miss out the food and keep going. Preparing food for Scarlett, David and visiting Alex was a bit of a chore, especially when I sat down to nibble on some cucumber and celery for lunch. I also discoverd that The bone broth I have made, following a recipe I found online, was totally vile, and really made me want to throw up. Not the greatest result there.

Day 2 started badly, I awoke feeling really hungry, and actually thought I would pass out if I tried to get out of bed. Palpitations, cold sweat etc. Not great, in fact, rather bad, alarm bells were ringing in my head 'it doesn't matter how important this fast is, you really need to get some food in your body and try and feel more normal' So I stuck to the food list, but gave my self plenty of snacks all day to get me back on track. For dinner I had steamed fish and veg. I didn't really feel normal until bedtime.

So I reckon my first Fast was a good 30 hours. Not bad going, and has set me up for the following weeks of my new Candida diet regime.

footnote: The Monday after the fast - first thing in the morning I got my period, a week early, very unexpected, but might explain the terrible reaction and faintness on Sunday.

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