Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spring clean

I'm having a clean out in more ways than one. 

My diet regime has been in turmoil of late, so it's getting a big review. I've fallen off the alkaline wagon, so that needs addressing. Too much coffee, tea, biscuits and cake has left me feeling bloated, depressed and lacking in energy. This is always reflected in my skin and I seem to have constant fresh spots and frequent red flushes. I've also contracted a cold, something I have avoided for months, while others around have been suffering.
My go to book for a mental refresher is Honestly Healthy. It's a great reminder tool, and has a non preachy and practical approach. Perhaps there's a bit of self editing in there though. In the past I might   Have felt I'd failed if I couldn't manage the 'cleanse' phase that these books always advocate. These days I'm much more "meh" when it comes to all that. Incorporate a few recipes and stick to the right ingredients, and I should be alright. I've no time for a detailed and strict regime. I've no life threatening allergies, so it's not that vital.  After a few days with changes in place I'm already feeling better. More about the regime I'm following soon. I have a ballerina to escort to class right now. 

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