Monday, 9 September 2013

The Fresh Start

It's September 2013, I am a mummy to 1 little girl, settled and living in Essex. I design freelance for fashion companies, and have had a few months work this year, but presently experiencing a quiet phase.  I have been run down for a few weeks,  suffering a cold and general tiredness and low mood. It is no surprise then that my skin is terrible, and the dreaded acne rosacea is all over my face. my diet regime is pretty slack and I've not been to the gym for months. I know full well that all of these things also lead to a general lowering of mood, and  limit my ability to function and enjoy life. Its time NOW for a restart. the cold is passing, its September, a time of new beginnings.

In the past I would have turned to my trusty Sher skincare products, and regime to give me a fresh start. but now they are gone, and I am alone in a sea of advise and information about how to treat this condition.

I have a few cornerstones to base my plan on, and beyond that, I hope to find the answers through diet and herbs. In my experience, the best approach is to introduce 1 new idea at a time, in order to determine its effect.

today is Day1.

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