Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Some light

So it's now 10 days from my 'fresh start' and it has felt very tough actually. I felt so depressed on Monday that I booked a doctors appointment, thinking I would go and ask for some anti depressants or something. I felt so hopeless, lethargic and unable to cope.

These last 2 days have picked up, and I'm feeling better, my skin is looking better as well, thanks to my strict diet, no caffeine, no sugar, nothing refined. Its amazing how much rubbish I was eating, when I really paid attention to it. Even 'healthy' muesli bars are packed with sugar. All of this could have also been a contributing factor to my depressed feelings. Even it is a hormonal event, it should not feel so terrible, and I do feel deep down that its all connected, the skin, the low mood and the anxiety and tension.

I'm in the process of composing some posts about skincare, and my regime, and more about diet, but to make them accurate and interesting I find it's not something I can dash off in 10 minutes (which is generally all I have between chores and toddler demands)

This week, after banning myself from the gym, to give myself a break, I have picked up my old copy of  The Yoga Face, by Annelise Hagen, and am starting to do some of the routines in it. It is a great book, with nice yoga routines, that are geared towards tension release, and revitalisation, to gain youthful skin. I've lost my yoga mat somewhere amidst all the junk in our loft, so I might treat myself to a new one as a reward for feeling better.

I am also loving this beautiful Sedum that is blooming in the garden. the sun is shining today, which always makes me feel better.

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