Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My skin care regime

I use several products on my skin, and switch them round depending on the condition of my skin, or time of day.

Avêne Clenance gel face wash.  
Avêne tolérance extrême
Neal's Yard rose face wash
Neal's Yard wild rose beauty balm

Colloidal silver (rivers of health) used as a sweep after cleanser or face wash. Also nice as a refreshing spray anytime.
Neal's Yard Rose water.

Neal's Yard Rose facial oil. A few drops after toner, and before moisturiser, it's lovely. 
Neal's Yard Frankincence Hydrating cream. This is the best moisturiser I have ever used. It is fantastic for dry skin, it's rich, and absorbs fully without residue. A dab is good for daytime, and a big dab will give a wonderful soft skin overnight.
Aloe Vera lotion. Since I don't have an aloe Vera cactus, I use this. It's a bit sticky, so I use it as a cooling face mask - and rinse after, or use it at night.
Calendula cream - I don't use this much really. Is very gentle and aids healing for broken and sore skin, so I might use it topically if I have a bad break out.

Avène 50+ for dry sensitive skin. I love this and use it all through summer as a base before make up.
Avène 50+ for intolerant skin. This stuff is really thick, if your not careful you look like a geisha.

How do I use them?
I cleanse or wash morning and night for a start.
I use the process taught to me by the Sher system, when I first started using their products. It seams to work, and is very hydrating. You might assume that because i suffer with spots, my skin in oily, but quite the opposite is true. my skin is dry and sensitive to hot, cold, wind, and pressure. this is how it goes:

1. CLEANSE. I might use a cream cleanser to remove make-up, the Avène Tolérence extrême is for this. occasionally i will apply the wild rose beauty balm, and leave on as a mask, i.e., during a bath or show, and then exfoliate with its cloth, and rinse.
2. WASH ..Then I will use a basin of water, at a tepid 36℃, (a baby bath thermometer will give you the temperature) and splash my face with water once, before using the chosen face wash. I might use a cotton muslin cloth to exfoliate gently sometimes, but not everyday. after this I will rinse by splashing between 10 and 20 times from the basin onto my face, and pat dry. Sher always used to say 20 times, but I'm in a hurry sometimes.
3. TONIC.. After drying I will spray with colloidal silver or rose water, and sweep over with cotton pads. (i sometimes skip this stage - depending on time) but it does feel lovely to do.
4. MOISTURE.. I apply Rose facial oil. rubbing a few drops between my hands before gently applying to the face in sweeping movements.
5. PROTECT.. finish off with a moisturiser. Frankincense hydrating creme at night, and usually an SPF moisturiser in the daytime.

example routines.
Summer morning time:
Avène clenance gel facewash ⟹ colloidal silver sweep ⟹ rose facial oil ⟹ Avène 50+ for dry sensitive skin.

anytime evening:
Avêne tolérance extrême ⟹ Avène clenance gel facewash ⟹ collodial silver sweep ⟹ rose facial oil ⟹ Frankincense hydrating cream.

care and repair or just for a treat:
Neal's Yard wild rose beauty balm ⟹ Neal's Yard rose face wash ⟹ colloidal silver sweep ⟹ Neal's Yard Rose facial oil ⟹ Neal's Yard Frankincence Hydrating cream.

Where to buy these lovely things?
Neal's Yard 
Neal's Yard remedies 
Also available at


Colloidal silver & Calendula cream
this is widly available in the UK, via specialist health food and beauty stores, or online, just google it.

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