Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Feeling good

I'm starting to enjoy my new regime. I've taken a lot of inspiration from 'The Alkaline Sisters' they have a wonderful website, with some beautiful imagery and lots of great recipes that actually work, and taste good. 
Here's a snap of their veggie quinoa burgers, which I am going to try out at the weekend. My skin is improving too. Here's a quick snap from my iPad cam (hence the grainy appearance). The main changes are less breakouts and much less dry and flaky patches. There is still some redness, but maybe that will reduce too with time. 
I might add here that I have all but eliminated cheese and milk from my diet. It dawned on me yesterday that I'm following an almost vegan regime. Me? Vegan? That will never happen! I can't resist a bit of fish. 

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